Upper Peninsula of Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

Brook Trout - Upper Peninsula Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

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The Brook Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis, sometimes called a speckled trout or the eastern brook trout) is a species of fish in the salmon family, order Salmoniformes. Though commonly called a trout, is actually a char. They are native to small streams, creeks, lakes and spring ponds. The Brook Trout's diverse diet includes crustaceans, frogs and other amphibians, insects, mollusks, smaller fish, invertebrates, and even small mammals such as mice or voles.
The Upper Peninsula of Michigan native Brook Trout is a renowned and sought after species. Into The Wild takes you fly fishing for them on scenic, remote and stunningly gorgeous streams and rivers. These beautiful fish are regularly caught over 14 inches. Come share in a memorable experience that will stay with you forever. We are proud to show you a truly amazing fishery here in the U.P.